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Guided Byzantine Walking Tour in Thessaloniki

Discover the Byzantine aspect of Thessaloniki and learn about the Byzantine art and history of the «co-reigning» capital during the Byzantine Empire in a 3hours walking tour full of images, aromas and flavors of tradition.

Guided Byzantine Walking Tour in Thessaloniki


  • Trigoniou Tower
  • Old Monastery of Vlatadon
  • Church of Hosios David (Monastery of Latomou)
  • Saint Nicholas Orphanos
  • Rotunda
  • Saint Sofia


  • Trigoniou Tower, at the Upper Town/Ano Poli at 09:00a.m


  • 3,5 hours


Escape from the quick rhythm of Athens and in one hour distance experience two beautiful islands!

We start our tour at the Upper Town (Ano Poli), where we visit the Old Monastery of Vlatadon; the unique Byzantine Monastery that remains in operation in Thessaloniki and offers a wonderful panoramic view of “The Bride of Thermaikos Gulf”.

Later on, walking through the picturesque alleys of Ano Poli, we reach the Church of Hosios David with the unique mosaic of the 5th century and the remarkable mural paintings.

Afterwards, we continue our Byzantine walk and visit the church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos, a particular graphic church with exceptional mural paintings of the 14th century. The church is located at a beautiful spot surrounded by structures of distinct architecture that denote the city’s rich history.

We realize our next stop at the glorious Rotunda, one of the most ancient and most impressive monuments of the city. According to the latest consensus it was erected in 300a.C by Galerius and forms one of the most significant monuments of Thessaloniki, known for its exceptional mosaics as they are among the most ancient in the Middle-East.

Finally we visit the church of Saint Sofia, the «Big Church», as it used to be the metropolitan church of the city with the famous mural painting on its dome of the 9th century and the Early-Christian chapiters of the 5th century. Saint Sofia, as well as all the previous monuments we visit, are part of the World Heritage sites of UNESCO.


  • Tour guide-archaeologist (English/Greek)
  • Full tour-guide


  • Entrance fee to Rotunda 6€/person (01/11-31/03 the general fee is 3€)
  • Personal expenses


  • You should be at the starting point 10΄ before the time indicated in the schedule
  • It’s good to wear comfortable shoes for a comfortable tour around the historic landmarks
  • In summer season bear in mind to have sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat
  • Be informed about the weather forecast and dress accordingly
  • Free of charge entrance to Rotunda is valid for youths up to 18 years old and University and Technological Educational Institutes students or students of equivalent schools of EU Members
  • Reduced entrance fee (-50%) 3€, is valid for European Union citizens aged over 65 and for students of Higher Education Institutes outside the European Union
  • In winter season, 01/11 – 31/03, the general entrance fee to Rotunda is 3€
  • Enjoy your tour and this unforgettable experience!
  • Don’t forget to share pictures and comments from your experience!