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Pozar – Edessa

An idyllic day trip combining total relaxation in nature

Pozar – Edessa

We enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the healing hot springs of Pozar in the fascinating external natural pools, just where the nature established an absolute picturesque landscape against the view of Mount Voras, northwest of Aridaia. The healing water spewed out in a constant temperature of 37° C sets a feeling of body well-ness. The water is also known is for the drinking therapy (you can drink the water for body healing), revitalization and relaxation; a natural spa in the altitude of 400m against a fascinating scenery.We combine the relaxation in Pozar, with the city of Edessa where the biggest waterfalls in Balkans are located, verifying its first name as the “city of waters”. The water falls from 70m high, producing magical vapor clouds! Don’t miss this absolute experience!


  • Pozar hot springs
  • Edessa
  • Varosi Traditional District
  • Sesame Mill of Flavors


  • Starting point: WHITE TOWER(Entrance) 08:00
  • Stop 2: ARISTOTELOUS square & EGNATIA (Venizelos Statue) 08:15
  • Stop 3: CAPSIS Hotel 08:20
  • Stop 4: THE MET Hotel 08:25


  • Our trip attendant-archaeologist shall wear clothing with the Ammon Express marking so that he/she will be recognisable easily
  • You should be at the departure point 10΄ before the time indicated in the schedule. The bus cannot remain at designated stops, except for boarding
  • Don’t forget your swimwear and a towel/bathrobe!
  • Lockers with key are available at the area of the thermal springs so that you can store your personal belongings
  • You can rent a towel from the area. The cost is 1,50€/towel
  • There are numerous changing rooms with hairdresser for your personal care.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to enter the hot springs
  • Be provided with the information folio of the Thermal Springs for all the advice regarding the sensitive social groups that are not allowed to make use of the Thermal Springs
  • Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • In summer season bear in mind to have sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat
  • Please be consistent with the exact appointment times specified by the Ammon Express escort, so that the excursion will remain unforgettable to all participants
  • Have a nice trip and an unforgettable experience!
  • Don’t forget to share pictures and comments from your experience!